Analogue Life vs Digital Numbness

by Samar S Jodha

As a photographer, I often get asked if I prefer analogue photography or the present digital?

There has been a lot of debate among professional photographers about why analogue was better and digital has become more like a carpet-bombing syndrome and hoping the correct image will pop up.

But here, I share the experience of analogue life (beyond photography) with many friends (non-photographers) of that era. Like analogue photography, the most significant thing many of us miss is slowness—the act of engagement with the sounds, smells, and the taste of visuals. The act of observe, to absorb, and feeling the deeper connection on the insides, and the less about the projection. The art of listening to one’s voice and not getting lost in the commotion on the outside.

The present era of digital noise has made our analogue antennas on the inside go silent. It’s impacted us so much that our behavior with society, friends, or even loved ones has put us into those trappings of instant gratification. As a result, we have become poor at self-expression, fear the judgmental space, or even at some level, lost the very purpose of having our individuality.

Fortunately, many of us know what this digital beast is doing to us. But there is always hope, the reset button which came into action during the last two years of COVID. The reality check, the opportunity to experience less is more and, most importantly, able to keep our sanity in place. I feel there is enough room to rediscover that voice and relive that life of analogue which is still within us