The Analogue Days Of Photography

by Samar S Jodha

The Film Camera: 

The Principal was to observe, absorb and then hit the shutter. No carpet bombing /No screen/No instant gratification.

Darkroom Printing:

No assembly line looking/digital spitting prints cause there was human intervention while printing in the darkroom. The more one mastered the printing process, the better one managed to standardise the print quality.

Films and printmaking were not affordable, so you put a lot of thought before indulging in the darkroom set-up process (unless it was a paid gig or your daddy was rich)

The smell of chemicals in the darkroom, the emerging image in the developing tray and the tones settling in as the print dried had the unique pleasure of anticipation and the joys of Slow Photography.

Folks obsessed with printing could disappear into this space forever, living into infinity. The engagement of self or mindfulness in the world of analogue photography!