DPC Presents full day workshop on Post processing in Lightroom .

AGENDA - (Essentially Library and Develop of Lightroom)

- Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Pro.
- A Digital Dark-Room.
- Understanding why Lightroom is an important Software for a Photographer.
- How it is different from Adobe Photoshop.
- Lightroom Workflow for Photographers who go for various Photo-Shoots of different types.
- Workspace and Setup of Lightroom.
- Do Quality work by saving time - Better Organize your Photo-Shoots.
- Cataloging, Backup and Archiving.
- Basic tools and their use.
- Reading Histogram to decide further processing of Photographs.
- Understanding Editing in 'Develop Module' of Adobe Lightroom.
- Adjusting Image Color and Tone.
- Working in Grayscale.
- Retouching and correcting photographs.
- Basics of Correcting Lens Distortions and noise.
- Basics of Export and Slideshow creation.
- Creating Online portfolio.

* All DPC workshops require you to have loads of enthusiasm.
* People with laptop and Lightroom installed
* You can have a DSLR and you know how to use your camera features

Who Should attend
* Photography Enthusiasts .
* Students of photography and art
* Hobbyists and enthusiast photographers
* wedding Photographers
* Persuing careers in Photography
* Working photographers who wish to hone their skill and learn from the expert

Workshop Fee
Rs 3000 ( open to all)
Rs 2500 for DPC members
To register or call 8826712162 for more details


This photography course is unique in many ways

·         Sessions only on Saturdays and Sundays

·         Important concepts explained in a more practical manner

·         Combination of indoor and outdoor classes for hands on experience

·         Theory and Practical

·         Small group to ensure individual attention to each participant

·         Certificate of participation at the successful completion of course


Course content for the 2.5 Month Foundation Course

·         List of Course Modules

·         Module 1: Introduction to photography

·         Module 2: The world of digital photography& Photography types and categories

·         Module 3: Exposure explained and Shutter speed  and Aperture explained

·         Module 4: Types of Lenses and their significance and usage

·         Module 5: Basic composition

·         Module 6: Advanced composition

·         Module 7: A detailed look at light , Color and White Balance

·         Module 8: Photographing in black and white

·         Module 9: Shooting travel, Light Painting , Startrails , Time lapses

·         Module 10: Landscape, seascape, cloudscape

·         Module 11: Effective portrait photography, Creative photography and Environmental Portraiture

·         Module 12: Overview of editing software and Lightroom detailed worksflow and Image editing

·         Module 13: Tricks, techniques, special effects

·         Module 14: Common mistakes and how to avoid them

·         Module 15: Developing photographic diaries


How to keep your cool when the stakes are high and situation is very demanding 


  Course details: Beginners Photography Workshop 

 Workshop Highlight

  • Classes only on Sundays 
  • Know your camera and what it can do for you
  • Use different lighting situations to create drama in photos
  • Learn principles of composition and framing
  • Know why some pictures are more appealing than others
  • What and how do you click pictures to create the 'WOW' effect!
  • Functions covered--exposure (over & under), flash, white balance, depth of field, ISO

Workshop Benefits

  1. Smaller batch size to ensure individual interaction and attention
  2. Opportunity to interact with instructors/peers for as long as you want 
  3. You can also send your works for review and feedback even after the workshop is over
  4. Certificate of participation 
  5. Your photos become eligible for showcasing in the club events

Profile of previous participants

Previous participants of these workshops have been college students, working professionals, home makers, and between 14 years to 45 years of age.


Loads of enthusiasm and any digital camera :)

About the Course
The 6-months photography course is to develop and nurture the basic and advance understanding of photography to the enrolled participants, how a photograph is made rather then just a click.
The course is developed in DPC with the experience of last 7 years in the field of photography, after meeting and talking with lots of professional, amateurs photographers and people from different walks of life and conducting more then 200+ workshops, 400+ photowalks, 65+ Photo Bus Trips, Over 20 Photography exhibitions and many tea talks.
The course will open and broaden ones mind to the world of photography. And to see the world in a different perspective. The course is mainly focused on street photography and studio techniques.
Street photography is very important and plays a vital role to a photographer. Its develops once mind and body to see to see and show LIFE and CULTURE of a place in a deeper meaning. Street photography not only develop the skill to take images on street but it helps in all kind of photography.
The course is developed in DPC with the experience of last 7 years in the field of photography, after meeting and talking with lots of professional, amateurs photographers and people from different walks of life and conducting more then 160 workshops, 100 photowalks, 60+ photo bus trips, 15 photo exhibitions and many tea talks with Senior mentors.
The 6-month course at DPC is seeking participants who wants to take photography as there profession. The minimum qualification for this course is 12+ PASS or equivalent course. Its an full time course.
Classes will be on weekdays 4 classes every week.
History of photography
Functions of the camera
What is exposure and its use
Difference of film and digital
Composition techniques and its importance
Masters work and how it is important in present photography
How to understand natural light
Techniques of Black and white photography
Techniques of Color Photography
Understanding street photography
Breaking the ice in street photography
In depth knowledge of street photography
Technique of using flash in indoor and out door
How to understand a good photography and selection of photos



Introduction to portrait photography
Lighting technique for portrait
Understand the studio and its layout
Studio lighting
Portrait in studio
Behavior of flash in studio lighting
Process and develop RAW files
In depth understand of editing software
The difference of digital file and print
Printing photograph and its importance
Business and market of phorograhy
Developing portfolio
Also, wanted to tell you
Workshops are conducted in small batches in order to give individual attention
Workshops conducted on weekends
Experienced faculty to help you learn the basics and go Next Level
Requirements: Any DSLR camera
Batch size: Max 10
Workshop Fee: Rs 90,000 Plus GST
Venue: Building No 5 D, Second Floor, ShahpurJat Village, New Delhi, India
Courses Dates & Timing Venue Maximum
Fees Registration
Lightroom Masterclass View course detail 11-12 Sep 11.00 am to 3.00 pm Building 5 D, Second Floor Shahpur Jat , New Delhi 10 9 3000 1000
2.5 Month Foundation Course  View course detail 11th Sep
3.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Bldg No. 5 D, II Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi 6 6 25000 2500
Beginners Photography Workshop View course detail 26 Sep to 24 Oct 11.00 am - 1.00 pm Bldg No. 5 D, II Floor, Shahpur Jat , New Delhi 5 5 6600 601
6 Month Diploma in Photography View course detail 11th Oct 2021 Bldg No. 5 D, II Floor, Shahpur Jat , New Delhi 10 9 90000 5000


Dear DPC Members,


DPC Announces the fresh set of Heritage Photowalks post the  Covid Era . And we are keeping our tradition with Chandni Chowk. 


During the walk we are going to explore the Narrow Lanes of Chandni Chowk plus the newly renovated spaces of the main road .


Please note:

1-Please confirm with a return mail from your side confirming your participation will help us plan better. You receiving this mail may have meant that we may have not been able to accommodate someone else. Therefore, we request you to send us a line of confirmation back for us to know that you are certainly coming :)

2-The walk is on Sunday, 17th Oct 2021 and will start from the Meena Bazar Parking and we will go till the Town Hall. Time : 8.00 am to  10.00 am . 

3-May we request you to be on time to start the walk in time?

Ways to reach:

4-By car: It is best to park the car at the Meena Bazaar parking or Jama Masjid parking. It being evening time, it will take some time before you get the parking.  So coming a little early helps. 

6-By metro: Jama Masjid or Chawdi bazaar or Chandni Chowk metro station and a rickshaw ride from there. 

Kindly note

7-There is no fee or payment of any sorts for the walk :). However, ticket for camera etc., to enter any specific monument will have to be borne by the individual. 

8-Any sort of soliciting or promoting any product or service among the photo walkers is a strict NO. These photowalks are to encourage amateurs and beginners to come out and enjoy photography, please help us maintain the spirit. 

9-Some people want to help us. There are two ways, 

      a-tell about the club to as many of your friends as possible and ask them to join us either on the Facebook page (look for Delhi Photography Club, Blue Tic Verified Page ) when you search on Facebook.

      b-send us photos clicked in the walk so that we may upload them in the club’s album. Post walk please send 10-15 photos zipped and compressed to

10-Please bring your water bottles, goggles, and wear comfortable shoes. Wear conservative cloths and No shorts allowed inside the mosque.

For any clarifications, call Virendra (9560810011)





Events Dates & Timing Venue Maximum
Fees Registration
Members Heritage Photowalk :Chandni Chowk View course detail Date: 17th Oct 2021
Timing: 8.00AM - 10:00 AM
Chandni Chowk 15 15 Free 0



DPC’s Privilege Membership is now open!
Join the exclusive group of enthusiasts and share your passion of photography, motivate, learn, and be inspired. 
As a Premium member, you become part of the select few who have taken a decided step to take photography beyond a casual interest (beyond uploads on social media pages and vacation shots). 
Premium Membership

 We have opened the club membership of DPC for the year. As a Premium member, you become part of the select few who have taken a decided step to take photography beyond a casual interest (beyond uploads on social media pages and vacation shots)


Membership Benefits

Ø  One day workshops free on :-

1.  Beyond Auto Mode in your Camera

Ø  50% discount on DPC signature Photography Workshop for Beginners(Self)

Ø  Get the advantage to upgrade to privilege membership at pro rata basis

Ø  Unlimited free photowalks (no registrations required on website)

Ø  Avail 12 guided photowalks on Saturdays to take you around Delhi.

Ø  Weekly Assignment to be updated on your email id.

Ø  Monthly Photo review sessions for DPC Heritage Photowalks

Ø  Monthly Photo review sessions for DPC photo trips

Ø  Tea Talk sessions with senior photographers exclusively for club members

Ø  Attend Photo review sessions online

Ø  Develop your portfolio and get a review by DPC club mentors

Ø  Avail an opportunity to exhibit your photographs at DPC Lounge

Ø  Member photos are showcased on DPC website and DPC facebook page

Ø  Create photo gallery on DPC Website

Ø  Enjoy preference on DPC Photo Trips

Ø  You get first notification for all DPC activities, so that you never miss out on any

Ø  Advise on upgrading/ buying camera, lenses, accessories

Ø  Get an opportunity to be in the executive body of the club

Ø  Know of BEST Deals and discounts directly from camera and accessory companies

Ø  Discounts: Up to 20 % discounts on all paid activities by DPC

Membership Fee:                             Rs.10,000/- per annum

Who should join?
1. Photography enthusiasts irrespective of the camera (you can have DSLR or a digital camera) 
2- Who wants to click photos to express themselves and enjoy
Membership Fee:                           INR 10000 per annum

Renewal Existing Members :                                     INR 8000

For senior citizens:                         INR   8000 per annum
If you wish to pay through cheque or cash, please mail to or visit us


Membership Dates & Timing Venue Maximum
Fees Registration
DPC Premium Membership View course detail 11.00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday closed. Bldg No. 5 D, II Floor, Shahpur Jat , New Delhi-49 25 25 10000 10000
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