Meet the Real people from the world of Photography :Varun Joshi | Photo Journalist | Special Photographer to the Honourable President of India

Meet the Real people from the world of Photography

Varun Joshi - Photographer with President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee during the entrouge who has come out with Coffee Table book on President of India

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Varun Joshi     | Photo Journalist | Special Photographer to the Honourable President of India

What could one do really to capture a site that is already picture-perfect?

Eid at Taj

“That’s the challenge I have taken up to showcase my talent & vision, to have a different take that goes beyond banal, bring out the hidden facets & little details of monuments/places that our naked eye seldom misses,” says Varun Joshi, the  eminent photographer who has 24 coffeetable books to his repertoire in a mere span of 5 years.

Most important projects –

When a photographer has shot to fame with his body of work, what’s left for trumpeting his accomplishments? “A book on The President of India,” says Photographer Varun Joshi with a smirk. A photographer par excellence who has over 24 coffee table books to his vast repository of work, his latest book titled – President Pranab Mukherjee- A Statesman photographed and curated by varun joshi isn’t like any of his past work.

President Book JKT

“Working closely with Shri Pranab Mukherjee was an experience I can never compare to anything else in life. It’s not about photography here, but the life lessons I received just from observing him. To know such a humble gentleman from close quarters was a prized fortune, and I can afford to say that with pride. He is the most decorated politician India has ever seen, as his accolades are unparalleled” Photographer Varun Joshi was quoted as saying.

Being part of his entourage itself was a privilege which i reminisces fondly, “Capturing every important moment from his work was not an easy job, given the number of people surrounding him always.and i enjoyed every moment of it..

Ongoing projects : A book on Rashtrapati Bhavan

A book on the prime minister shri narendra modi ji

Krishna Birth Mathura 1

The changing face of technology gives good opportunities to photographers and makes their job easy, i have always been in favour of technology and with the changing time technology has dramatically changed but from a photographers point of view there is a different world which a specialist sees when he looks through his view finder thereby creating magic, here i would like to mention that in contrast to the bygone era we have landed on a stage where young photographers are carrying digital cameras with loads of memory cards and filling it up in no time, but a good picture is created with super control of the surroundings and not by  simply clicking without even realising or conceptualising a frame.Here i would like to request the young enthusiastic photographers to capture a magical frame, see through the viewfinder, think and then click ….

Diwali Connaught Place

the changing face of technology gives good opportunities to photographers and makes their job easy.

Photography is not a profession for me but a hobby. It is something which is very close to my heart what motivates me is the feeling that the almighty has blessed me to paint a canvas with light which to me is photography. i feel motivated to be  in a position to click pictures and leave a legacy for the future generations to come, and when i m gone from this world i will continue to live in other peoples eyes and heart from the beautiful pictures that i will leave behind…..Born and brought up in a Hindu business family in delhi in the mid 80s, I had strong inclination towards arts at an early age, which i pursued by choosing Arts stream as the subject of my studies after 10th grade. After graduation, i ditched  my family business to take up an acting & direction course from Sri Ram Centre for Performing Arts. Those were the defining years of my career where i spent most of the time scratching the surface of all things arts.

Ganesh Chaturthi

I delved deeper into the world where paint brushes presented a fantasy world, a certain alaap reverberated intensely across the streets, a few strings strummed to heighten the senses, a style of disciplined rhythmic moves represented a divine culture, a constellation of printed superlatives recited a charm extraordinaire, a group of actors under spell portrayed a magnum opus, and a few men with a strong sense of their surrounding, culture and heritage captured random moments to make them look ethereal. It was this environment of creativity and discipline that became the foundation of my forte. Pursuing a course on Photography under the tutelage of immensely talented OP Sharma ,Nitin Rai along with the blessings of the famed Raghu Rai, I carved a niche for myself in a short span of time.

Nizamuddin Dargah

MY books encompass a wide spectrum of subjects, from the comprehensive project on stunning Jain temples across the length & breadth of India to the immaculately carved Dilwara temples that do not have any coffeetable book dedicated to them even though their architectural beauty is compared to Taj Mahal itself. I have given a whole new dimension to pushkar in my book where i have captured the town’s temples, ghats, annual fair, hotels, life and bazaar in a different light. Hyderabad is a project dear to me since i got to know the hidden gems apart from bringing to life the heritage of the city.

Brij Book

Among the other projects are Brij where i have shot the beautiful temples of Vrindavan and the surrounding areas along with the legendary celebrations of Holi there. i have poured my heart & soul on the book on the Monuments of delhi, as i owe everything i knows about life to this megapolis. The city has had a strong influence on me that reflects in my shots, brimming with passion and acumen.The other important projects that i have done are coffee table books on  jainism svetambara , jainism digambara, coffee table book on brij the land of lord krishna, world culture festival by sri sri ravi shankar, lucknow  the legacy of the imperial splendor a heritage, Telangana the kohinoor of india, ujjain the town of mahakal, ranakpur temples, the poetry in symmetry, vintage car glory, golden temple etc….

Jainism Diagamber Book

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