4th Latin American and Caribbean Trip 2020

The exhibition will be on display from 4th– 12th March 2020 (except for 10th March on account of Holi) from 11 AM to 7 PM. The costing of the setting, lights, diplomas/certificates and high tea would be arranged within the capacity of the budget allotted for this event.

As suggested in a previous email, Embassies with the winning photographs may present a special token/ prize to the winners. To reiterate, the winners of the contest are:

·         1st Prize: Atul Sharma, Hummingbird, Ecuador

·         2nd Prize: Priy Bharti, Eje Cafetero, Colombia

·         3rd Prize: Tushar Anand, Palenque, México

·         4th Prize: Bhartendu Agarwal, Iguazú, Brazil-Argentina

The Embassy of Mexico will be sending out e-invitations (attached for your reference) to all participants, winners of the contest, and press contacts. We are relying on other Embassies to do the same: either invite directly their own contacts in media and tourism, or share them in order to send the emails from the contest account.