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Studio Lighting Workshop


Studio Lighting Workshop in delhi

Studio Lighting Workshop with Nilay Jyoti 

In this two days Masterclass on  studio lighting with Nilay jyoti Talukdar , we will cover  different types of lighting techniques.

Hi-key and Low Key lighting

Split lighting

loop , Rembrandt and butterfly

3-point lighting

It will also be covering inverse square law of lighting

Product , Food, portrait and Fashion.

Product Photography


First day will be theory followed by hands on practical.

Beginning of the practical will be introduction to studio: Do and Don'ts in studio, features of studio light, maintaining a studio, taking care of studio equipment, Knowing the light stands, soft box and Product Photography.


Key Features of the workshop:

As it will be a detailed workshop on studio lighting, It will mainly emphasize on portraits as one can deeply understand lighting on human figure. But as the workshop contains different types of lighting and it will be the base of all kinds of lighting, so one light any kind of products, food, portrait or fashion after this workshop.



All DPC workshops require you to have loads of enthusiasm.You can have a DSLR and you know how to use your camera features


Who Should attend

Photography Enthusiasts .

Students of photography and art

Studio owners

Pursuing careers in Photography


Working photographers who wish to hone their skill and learn from the expert

Workshop Fee

Rs 4000 ( open to all)

Rs 3000 for DPC members

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