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Smartphone Photography Workshop


Smartphone Photography  Workshop in delhi

Smartphone photography courses:

Would you like to learn how to take amazing photos with the camera you always have with you ?

Join us at the 8 hour Smartphone Photography Workshop. We will show you everything there is to know about exposure (light)composition and how to use your mobile phone to capture it all.  Your photos will never be the same again .

We are equally passionate as you as we all are joined by the common thread of photography. One can take photography any day despite of any age, weight, waist or any interest be it indoor or outdoor.

Smartphone photography tells the story of our lives through images. It’s how we see the world around us. It gives us the ability to capture and share amazing high quality photos with a camera that we carry with us, every day of our lives. During this course you will gain the skills and knowledge to produce high quality, creative images that will take your photographs to a whole new level.

Most of today's generation is a smart phone generation having the most powerful device in their hands which makes them not stranded with huge cameras.

This course will cover:

 Know your smartphone camera capabilities and how to justify the cost that you have spent on the camera through photos

 Understanding the Exposure ( aperture , Shutter , ISO and WB  )

 Definition of light, how does it work, for example – what happens if light bounces of a white surface or a dark surface, how is it influenced by its environment and how can we use it

 Learn principles of composition and framing you shots , basic rules and how to apply them

 How to photograph landscapes & Portraits. Using your smartphone as your main camera.

 Editing – some cool applications and editing in Snapseed (post-production) plus using the available filters from the camera and Instagram.


A smart camera phone is a valuable tool for random, spur-of-the-moment snapshot or well-thought-out compositions. It is the most widely used camera in the world's history, can produce awesomely compelling pictures only when it is in capable hands.

Having a technically-advanced camera phone never means that we are great photographers. Often, all of us come across the situations when we get our camera phone out to catch some candid moments, but our efforts always result in a too-dark, or too-blurry photos.

This wonderful device also helps you become a responsible citizen of the society you live in. You can be a watchdog of society by capturing the unpleasant, unexpected and unlawful happenings taking place in your surroundings and make them public through various mediums. This domain of photography can make you a celebrity overnight on the national and international media channels. In recent years, hundreds of incidents were reported only because they were captured on the spot by the mobile phone photography enthusiasts and their act made them famous and popular with the public over night followed by hefty monetary advantages.

The unique content offered in the smartphone photography workshop is the compilation of the tips and tricks available on FB and instagram and also keeping in the mind the time constraints of the photography enthusiast at different levels. Remain assured that we will be serving you the best of the quality content carefully tailor-made to suite your requirements. And it is in synchronization with the experience of our subject matter experts and faculty members.


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