Brand new Workshop on Advanced Composition : Art of Framing and Street Photography


About Workshop


DPC Presents composition and advanced composition workshop to enable and empower you to click better pictures. This high Quality content is based on the inputs from the Stanford University professor  Mark Levoy’s photography workshop.During the workshop we will be working on composition and various techniques to see pictures and create better pictures  


Trust us this is the best photography workshop one can ever attend 


Workshop Content and Highlights:


· Rules of Composition and common composition

· Rule of thirds , Rule of odds and other rules.

· Learning good Composition

· Lines as pectoral elements & arrangement of Light

· Light as decorative element  

· Shapes , Patterns and repeated Patterns 

· Rhythm and Texture 

· Lighting and pictorial Design

· Colors and pectoral Design 

· Symmetry and asymmetry 

· Framing and Dynamic Framing


Workshop USP:


· Classes only on Weekends

· Indoor and Outdoor , hands on workshop

· Outdoor Practical session with instructor 

· Assignment for practice at home 

· Opportunity to interact with instructors/peers.

· Send your works for review and feedback

· Certificate of participation


Who can join?



Amateurs & Beginners


New camera buyers

Aspiring artists

Home makers and Mothers

Keen on improving photos 



Loads of enthusiasm and a DSLR camera or Digital Point n shoot and basics of Photography and know how of the camera 


Workshop Fee: Rs 12500

Days : Sat and Sunday     

Time : 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm 

This photography course is unique in many ways

·         Sessions only on Saturdays and Sundays

·         Important concepts explained in a more practical manner

·         Combination of indoor and outdoor classes for hands on experience

·         Theory and Practical

·         Small group to ensure individual attention to each participant

·         Certificate of participation at the successful completion of course


Course content for the 2.5 Month Foundation Course

·         List of Course Modules

·         Module 1: Introduction to photography

·         Module 2: The world of digital photography& Photography types and categories

·         Module 3: Exposure explained and Shutter speed  and Aperture explained

·         Module 4: Types of Lenses and their significance and usage

·         Module 5: Basic composition

·         Module 6: Advanced composition

·         Module 7: A detailed look at light , Color and White Balance

·         Module 8: Photographing in black and white

·         Module 9: Shooting travel, Light Painting , Startrails , Time lapses

·         Module 10: Landscape, seascape, cloudscape

·         Module 11: Effective portrait photography, Creative photography and Environmental Portraiture

·         Module 12: Overview of editing software and Lightroom detailed worksflow and Image editing

·         Module 13: Tricks, techniques, special effects

·         Module 14: Common mistakes and how to avoid them

·         Module 15: Developing photographic diaries


How to keep your cool when the stakes are high and situation is very demanding 


There are Eight sessions during this workshop and these workshops are hands-on workshops (theory - practice)

During the workshop we cover 

  1. Functions and features of the camera
  2. Basic of Photography 
  3. Light : How to click in various lighting conditions.
  4. Portraiture and posing
  5. Composition and Framing .
  6. Review of Photos
  7. Learning Editing on Snapseed 

Once you attend this workshop , this workshop is free for you for the next 6 months. You can come for practice sessions, missed sessions or if you want to repeat this workshop you can do that and that too free of cost with no riders .

Here are some other details 


Please find below the administrative details for the course;

1-Venue: Building No.-5D, IInd Floor, Dada Jungi Lane, Shahpur Jat Village. New Delhi.

2-Please be there ideally 15 minutes before the scheduled time, allowing the facilitators to know you better. 

3-The course fee of Rs.8999/- for 8 sessions. 

4-Also bring a recent passport size photo for the application form, which has to be filled on the first day of the class

5-You may want to take notes during the workshop, so you can bring something to write on. However, all presentations used in class will be shared via electronic copy.

6-Do charge your camera batteries and keep the memory stick/card handy!



Please Note:

Registration fee is non-refundable, but is transferable.

About the Course
The 6-months photography course is to develop and nurture the basic and advance understanding of photography to the enrolled participants, how a photograph is made rather then just a click.
The course is developed in DPC with the experience of last 7 years in the field of photography, after meeting and talking with lots of professional, amateurs photographers and people from different walks of life and conducting more then 200+ workshops, 400+ photowalks, 65+ Photo Bus Trips, Over 20 Photography exhibitions and many tea talks.
The course will open and broaden ones mind to the world of photography. And to see the world in a different perspective. The course is mainly focused on street photography and studio techniques.
Street photography is very important and plays a vital role to a photographer. Its develops once mind and body to see to see and show LIFE and CULTURE of a place in a deeper meaning. Street photography not only develop the skill to take images on street but it helps in all kind of photography.
The course is developed in DPC with the experience of last 7 years in the field of photography, after meeting and talking with lots of professional, amateurs photographers and people from different walks of life and conducting more then 160 workshops, 100 photowalks, 60+ photo bus trips, 15 photo exhibitions and many tea talks with Senior mentors.
The 6-month course at DPC is seeking participants who wants to take photography as there profession. The minimum qualification for this course is 12+ PASS or equivalent course. Its an full time course.
Classes will be on weekdays 3 classes every week.
History of photography
Functions of the camera
What is exposure and its use
Difference of film and digital
Composition techniques and its importance
Masters work and how it is important in present photography
How to understand natural light
Techniques of Black and white photography
Techniques of Color Photography
Understanding street photography
Breaking the ice in street photography
In depth knowledge of street photography
Technique of using flash in indoor and out door
How to understand a good photography and selection of photos



Introduction to portrait photography
Lighting technique for portrait
Understand the studio and its layout
Studio lighting
Portrait in studio
Behavior of flash in studio lighting
Process and develop RAW files
In depth understand of editing software
The difference of digital file and print
Printing photograph and its importance
Business and market of phorograhy
Developing portfolio
Also, wanted to tell you
Workshops are conducted in small batches in order to give individual attention
Workshops conducted on weekdays
Experienced faculty to help you learn the basics and go Next Level
Requirements: Any DSLR camera
Batch size: Max 8
Workshop Fee: Rs 108,000 Plus GST
Venue: Building No 5 D, Second Floor, ShahpurJat Village, New Delhi, India
Courses Dates & Timing Venue Maximum
Fees Registration
Advanced Composition : Art of Framing and Street Photography  View course detail 8 Apr -23 Apr 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm Bldg No 5 D, II Floor Shahpur Jat New Delhi 3 3 12500 1500
2.5 Month Foundation Course  View course detail 11th Mar
1.00 pm - 4.00 pm
Bldg No. 5 D, II Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi 6 6 25000 2500
Beginners Photography Workshop View course detail 18 Mar to 09 Apr 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm Bldg No. 5 D, II Floor, Shahpur Jat , New Delhi 5 5 8999 1000
6 Month Diploma in Photography View course detail 26th June Bldg No. 5 D, II Floor, Shahpur Jat , New Delhi 6 3 108000 25000



Here is the final Itinerary for the DPC PhotoBus trip to Spiti 


We are  again starting to travel and this time we are going to Spiti, During our trip we will witness and capture the most beautiful monasteries, landscapes and the local people. It's going to be an 8 days trip. We will be covering everything by Tempo Traveller.


Just Remember : We are going on a road trip and there will be ample opportunity to click good pictures. We will stop at places and spend time clicking and create good pictures. 


Meeting point : SDA market (oop IIT main Gate )

Date : 14th  Apr 6.00 AM  Sunday Morning


We are going by 9 seater Tempo Traveler 




Day 1.   14 th Apr     Delhi to Rampur Busher . We will be staying at Rampur Busher 

Day 2.  15 th  Apr     Rampur to  Tabo               (Night Stay at Tabo)

DAY 3:  16 th  Apr    Kaza-                                 (Night Stay at Kaza) 

DAY 4:  17 th  Apr    Kibber-  Keh                       (Night Stay at Kaza)

DAY 5:  18 th  Apr     Langza Comic Hikkim.     (Night stay at Kaza)

DAY 6:  19 th.  Apr    Local Kaza                        (Night Stay at Kaza)

DAY 7:   20th   Apr.   Kaza to Chitkul                           (Night stay at chitkul)

DAY 7:   21 th  Apr    Chitkul to Shimpla       Staying in Shimla or Narkanda 

Day 8 :  22nd Apr.   Visiting Mohan Park in Solan Dist  and Arriving Delhi by Night 




Other Important Details


Stay: Will be on a twin sharing basis in a home stay environment.  And you can opt for single sitting rooms wherever possible ( on extra charges)

Mode of travel: We will be traveling in an AC TEMPO traveller together.

Gear: You can carry tripods and wide angle lenses for cameras. Any camera is good for this trip so long as it is digital. 


Clothing: Please carry woollen clothes , comfortable shoes, take hats/caps, shades and sunscreen!


Please carry a few edible items with you for munching like Dry Fruits , chocolates and nuts. 


All the small bags and camera bags can be kept inside the tempo traveller and rest will go on the top of the tempo. So manage wisely. Please carry one small bag and your moderate size bag.   



Fee (per person)            : 33000 (including registration fee)

For  DPC Members       : 31000

Fee includes travel & group transfers, stay and meals  

Events Dates & Timing Venue Maximum
Fees Registration
DPC Phototrip to Spiti & Chitkul View course detail 07th Apr 6.00 am 15th Apr 8.00 pm Spiti - Lahual- Chitkul 8 3 33000 1000


DPC Premium Membership Detals  

Amazing benefits of Delhi Photography Club


Cost of Premium Membership is Rs.10,000/-


As a Premium member, you become part of the select few who have taken a decided step to take photography beyond a casual interest (beyond uploads on social media pages and vacation shots).

DPC Membership Benefits

· 30% discount on DPC signature Photography Workshop for Beginners (Self)

· 10% Discount on the DPC Foundation Course ( 2.5 Months Course)

· Unlimited free photo walks (no registrations required on website)

· Podcast with senior photographers and other eminent personalities exclusively for club members

· Photo review online (send your pictures by mail)

· Photo Assignments in the Inbox on a weekly basis and review.

· Avail an opportunity to exhibit your photographs at DPC Lounge

· Member photos are showcased on DPC website and DPC Facebook page

· Enjoy preference on DPC Photo Trips

· You get  first notification for all DPC activities so that you never miss out on anything

· Advice on upgrading/ buying camera, lenses, accessories

· Get an opportunity to be in the executive body of the club

· Know of BEST Deals and discounts directly from camera and accessory companies

· Discounts: Up to 20 % discounts on all paid activities by DPC

· Develop your portfolio and get a review by DPC club mentors

· Mails for JugalBandi - Mixed Medium Show is already sent to you for your participation.


Youth Photography Membership 

 DPC’s Youth Photography Membership is open!!

The DPC Youth Photography Membership updates students, the budding photographers and enthusiasts of year round activities, enlightens with constant feedback, advice, encouragement and motivation for photography. Please submit a valid college ID card(regular) with identity proof of the member.

Membership Benefits


Ø  One day workshop on Basics of DSLR free

Ø  6 paid photowalks on Saturdays free to take you around Delhi

Ø  Unlimited photowalks free(no registrations required on website)

Ø  Weekly Assignments to be updated on your email id.

Ø  Monthly Photo Review session  on Heritage Photowalks

Ø  Exclusive Monthly Tea talk sessions with senior photographers for club members

Ø  First preference in photobus and trips

Ø  Advise on buying camera, lenses, accessories

Ø  Assist in best deals on Camera and accessories

Ø  First notification on all DPC events n activities

Ø  A discounted upgrade to Privilege Membership Program

Ø  Upto 20% discount on all DPC activities (only for self)

Ø  Avail an opportunity to be College coordinator in DPC College connect program.

  •  Who should join?

  • Any college/university going student with loads of enthusiasm towards photography

  • Having any camera—Digital or DSLR

  • Who wants to click photos to express themselves and enjoy. (Not to mention, upload them on facebook)


To be a member, we need the following

  • Photocopy of your college id

  • Membership fee, paid in full

  • Filled up application form

  • Two photos

 Membership Fee: 4500 per annum 


Membership Dates & Timing Venue Maximum
Fees Registration
DPC Premium Membership View course detail 11.00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday closed. Bldg No. 5 D, II Floor, Shahpur Jat , New Delhi-49 100 25 10000 10000
Youth Photography Membership (students) View course detail 11.00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday Closed Bldg No. 5 D, II Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi-49 25 3 4500 4500
Full name Email ID