The Brand. Our existence . Some Facts & Figures

Knowledge that helps you click good photos

We understand your needs because we are also pool of  photography enthusiasts and amateurs who are running this club.

Experience of 3000 + hours of workshops

Regular photography workshops spread across weekends only. Complete solution to beginners , Hobbyist, Amateur and Enthusiasts.

Over 4000 Enthusiasts attended workshops

Tailor made workshops to fit and suit everyone’s photography requirements. Widely accepted by participants. Batch size maximum 10 per batch.

Batches feedback Rating over 9.5/10

We believe in feedback system. Our systematic and strong content helped us to achieve 9.5/10 on feedback score.


We have seen the transformation of photographers. We started our mission of Taking photography to homes in 2010. We are still onnnnnnn.


DPC photowalks and photo trips are killer products that keep you going and going in your photography pursuits to click better.

Delhi Photography Club, a platform built for photography Beginners, Amateurs, Enthusiasts and Hobbyists, was built on an idea to connect every photography enthusiast by a common thread. We are growing on a single set of mind where everyone is welcome to join us, and stimulate the inception of new ideas in this visual art. We are here in order to inculcate and motivate the art of photography in people.

 We are a first photography club in India to have a physical presence in the heart of New Delhi. We are an inclusive organization, where we welcome all sorts of individuals to come and join us over a cup of coffee, and to discuss their aspirations in photography.

We are a place where people are not judged by their skills, rather they have to come up with enthusiasm, and rest we help them in building their dreams. We are not a platform to outdo one another. We aren’t in the business of identifying the best amongst the rest.

Shweta Singh

Shweta is also a photography enthusiast.  Smiling face of DPC . She is associated with the club from day one and she manages the back-end and operations at the club.

Nilay Jyoti Talukdar

A photographer by profession and passion (a dreamer otherwise), Nilay has been with the club since the beginning. He is good with outdoor workshops and the community outreach program.

Virendra Shekhawat

Avid traveler and Photography enthusiast. You will always find him in the group chatting and gossiping. He is responsible for smooth functioning of the club.

At DPC, we welcome you with whatever knowledge you have of photography as an art and promise to always help you to cultivate and endure your passion for the same.

We offer various opportunities to the Amateurs, Beginners and Enthusiasts to always keep them on their toes in search of the perfect photograph. We help them in learning the basics of photography which in further prevent them from making various basic mistakes that should be avoided in order to make a good photograph.

We organize variety of Photography courses and Photography Workshops according to the audience needs. Delhi Photography Club organizes Beginners Photography Workshop, 3- Month Foundation course, Travel Photography Workshop, Wedding Photography Workshop, Photography Workshop for kids, and short term photography courses on specific topics.

We offer various opportunities to the Amateurs, Beginners and Enthusiasts to come out of their homes and click. We organize Heritage photo-walks, Photo Capture trips and Exhibitions which allow photo enthusiasts to pull out their camera and click.

In addition, to the above mentioned activities and to keep you motivated, we organize Tea-Talk sessions with senior Photographers from Photography industry, and it helps enthusiasts to have an inside information about the fast changing domain.

Our expertise lies in the factor that we offer quality content to the enthusiasts who in turn can hone their skills and it helps to clear their concepts.

Our strong resource center comes out from our experience of being in industry from last 4 years. We have a strong team of facilitators and mentors who comes from a strong background of wide knowledge in photography.

Sachin Arora

Sachin is a software engineer by profession and an avid photographer. He is associated with the club since the beginning and is responsible for managing the technical innovations and upgrades in the club.

Shamreen Khan

Shamreen is an avid traveller and photography enthusiast. She works upon creating Digital outreach and Social Media Manager at the Club. .She cherishes capturing the smiling faces at the Club. She aspires to be a Professional Visual Artist.

Join DPC now.

Wanna facilitate  our workshops, write blogs, do creatives and having something interesting in mind . Just pick up your phone and reach us.  We are looking for good people to lead.