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Developing Your Confidence in Photography

Some photographers are born oozing with confidence and self-belief,…

Street Photography: Telling a Complete Story

While street photography can often seem like a stream of random…

Quick 12 Steps to Sharper Photos

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Chiaroscuro: Creating Depth with Light and Shadow

Chiaroscuro is a term that hails from the Italian Renaissance,…

Swavalamban Art Exhibition @ India International Centre

Swavalamban Art Exhibition Concludes Successfully at India International…

Complete solution for your photography needs.


We at DPC organize variety of workshops to meet your creative requirements and move ahead. So what are you waiting for ? Join now to experience.


DPC host four Heritage photowalks every month to break your monotony and come out and click. So what are you waiting for. Join now to live the experience.

Photo Trips

Every month we host a photo trip to places 350-400 km from delhi. Usually 2 D- 2 N trips to capture the essence of places . Join us on DPC photobus .


Successfully hosted over 30 exhibitions in last 7 years for Indian and international clients at all the major galleries in Delhi. Including My Latin American and Caribbean Trips 4 editions at IHC.


Variety of Memberships to choose from. Practically a memberships for everyone at every level. Be it Basic or professional. We have a membership for you.

Nicefoto 7

Nicefoto an International Celebration of Amateur Photography. Annual exhibition by Delhi Photography Club open to all amateur photographers for free

Seniors Exclusive workshops and activities at DPC

DPC offers curated travel experiences and well crafted workshops for your photography needs.

Why to choose Delhi Photography Club ?

Knowledge that helps you click good photos

We understand your needs because we are also pool of  photography enthusiasts and amateurs who are running this club.

Experience of 8000 + hours of workshops

Regular photography workshops spread across weekends only. Complete solution to beginners , Hobbyist, Amateur and Enthusiasts.

Over 4000 Enthusiasts attended workshops

Tailor made workshops to fit and suit everyone’s photography requirements. Widely accepted by participants. Batch size maximum 10 per batch.

Batches feedback Rating over 9.5/10

We believe in feedback system. Our systematic and strong content helped us to achieve 9.5/10 on feedback score.

13 Years Experience

We have seen the transformation of photographers. We started our mission of Taking photography to homes in 2010. We are still onnnnnnn.

Mind Blowing Photo trips and Photowalks

DPC photowalks and photo trips are killer products that keep you going and going in your photography pursuits to click better.

Yes we are featured and published.


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