Heritage Photowalks

Heritage Photowalk = Heritage + Photography + Fun

The basic idea of Heritage Photowalks is to provide participants with the opportunity to appreciate, and capture with their cameras, the rich heritage and legacy of our city that has persevered through decades.

Every month, we take photography enthusiasts on weekends to different parts of Delhi. As a group, we search for photographic opportunities, click together and have fun. These walks are usually done in the mornings.

We have covered several monuments and places of Delhi namely, Chandni Chowk, Old Fort, Red Fort, Azadpur SabjiMandi, JamaaliKamaali, Lodhi Garden, Humayun’s Tomb, Safdarjung’s Tomb, Hazrat Nizammuddin.  Mehrauli archaeological park, and what not you name the place we have done a walk  etc.

How are these walks unique?

Heritage Photo Walks (HPws) are a unique concept started by DPC with the intent of encouraging beginners to pursue photography more passionately. You may have cameras at home, but if you don’t have like minded enthusiasts around you, you won’t really use your camera beyond casual photo opportunities in social gatherings.

  • A Heritage Photowalk has a trained guide along with you who brings the history alive with anecdotes, narratives and stories.
  • We encourage beginner photographers to join us for the walks. Therefore, you are assured of a group of likeminded people around you, who are also learning photography. So relax! Everyone is as enthusiastic as the other.

Next Photowalk

Gazipur Phool Mandi (18 and 19 June)

Hey Happy Summers , Look hot with your camera this summer

Here is brand new place for next Heritage Photowalk : Anandgram

It’s one of those times when we’ve got to stop and say out loud – where on earth did all this space come from? Find your way to Pillar 162 of the Metro on MG Road, and look around for a simple door sign for Anandgram. Sanskriti Foundation, at the far end of Anandgram, was built to cultivate and preserve arts and handicrafts {in a huge ass area too}. You’ll find exhibit rooms that make up museums, and artist residences that are critical in providing artisans an environment conducive for practicing their craft.

Have a look at peoples favourite the Museum of Everyday Objects, which celebrates overlooked innovations in design, before product design even came into its own.

There are state museums and they will be good oppurtunity to click.

Where: Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Anand Gram, Ghitorni {Soon after Pillar 162, towards Delhi}

Nearest Metro Station: MG Road

To register for the walk go to dpc website and block a seat for youwww.delhiphotographyclub.com/register

  • Everything, from organizing the walk, the guide, tickets for entry into monuments, refreshments, etc is on us. Walkers are neither expected to donate any money or pay for anything. Really, we mean it; there’s no catch in it!
  • Each walk is themed. Heritage does not mean only buildings and monuments; it also means our culture, environment, traditions that we have inherited.
  • With the group, you can venture into lanes and sides of Delhi which you can’t on your own.

How does one join the walk?

Simple, select the walk that you want to join, from the list below and send your request. These are first come first serve basis. Once we receive the request, we send a confirmation mail. All those who are confirmed for the walk are welcome

Is there any fee for the walk?

We do these walks on Saturdays and Sundays (usually every 20 days). The Heritage Photowalksare guided and facilitated by DPC volunteers and heritage Expert guides. Authentic Indian breakfast is served during the Sunday walk