60 is the new 20

At DPC we believe that age is just a number


Call DPC for you leaning requirements , we provide One on One solutions , Home tuitions and curated workshop to help you click more photos , better photos and make amazing collection for your hobby. 


Successfully hosted over 500+ Heritage photo wars in Delhi. Now walk with us to the favourite Delhi Monuments be it Sunder Nursery, Humayuns Tombs or to the markets of Delhi and lanes of Chandni Chowk.

Photo Trips

Successfully hosted over 150+ photo trips in last 13 years for everyone. We have hosted trips to Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Pushkar , Vrindavan and of course internationally to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Simplified Learning

We have simplified the complex camera manuals with interactive and practical learning sessions , so that you may actually learn and use the camera at your convenience. And it gives you confidence .

Slow Travel

Slow travel means one can actually slow down in terms of visiting places , Instead of visiting and touch and go five places , we make a point to explore every place at our ease and make a point to slow down.

Fulfil Dreams

Now you may fulfil your long pending creative dreams by either doing a Coffeys table book, or doing a documentary film or writing photo essays and journals to publish in news papers. Do it all.