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आपकी नजरों नें समझा प्यार के काबिल मुझे ,दिल की ऐ धड़कन ठहर जा, मिल गयी मंजिल मुझे

Grey Hornbill ( Most devoted husband in Avian world ) with Lizard in beak   They are mostly arboreal and come to the ground:- (1) To pick up fallen fruits from their beak  or (2) To pick up mud pellets during the breeding season for sealing the cavity after the female has entered the cavity […]

DPC announces Day trip a brand new series of Photo trips.

Launching a Brand New Travel series for people who cannot spare two days to travel on our amazing DPC Photo Bus trips due to scarcity and unavailability of Time . The Day trip is basically a Idea to rejuvenate your photography and yourself with a day long trip which is full of information , Photography […]

Meet the Real people from the world of Photography :Varun Joshi | Photo Journalist | Special Photographer to the Honourable President of India

Meet the Real people from the world of Photography We are featuring people who are hobbyist or professionals photographers and we think they are worth sharing of Delhi Photography Club Fan page . The selection is purely at the Discretion of Founders and owners of Delhi Photography Club. Varun Joshi     | Photo Journalist | Special Photographer […]