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Using Long Exposures in Landscape Photography

Have you looked at some of those amazing long exposure landscapes and thought that they are something very difficult to create? Long exposure photographs, of course, require a lot of effort, thought and planning put into them, but they are not so complicated as you think. So, what is so different about long exposure landscape […]

6 Types of Portraits

There are several distinct types of portrait photographs you can create. Knowing these gives you a better understanding of how to approach a portrait shot and get the result you desire. Here are 6 of the most common kinds of portraits you can photograph. The images are numbered accordingly: 1. Traditional This is the most […]

When/Why Enlarge or Upscale Your Photos?

Why Enlarge Your Photos? It’s helpful to understand why you’d want to enlarge your photos before diving into the various ways you can do so. We agree that the base reason is that we want to take an image file with one resolution and increase it to a larger resolution, and that is the very […]

Camera RAW Photo Editing Tip

When asked, most photographers out there will insist that shooting RAW is the way to go. For image makers looking to avoid the destructive potential of a compressed and automatically “enhanced” JPEG, there’s no question concerning which format reigns supreme. It’s easy to think of a RAW file as a digital negative – regardless of […]

Tutorial: How to Reduce Background Haze with Masking

You may wonder, “Why must I be concerned with photo editing and, in particular, using masks when photo editing?” Here is a very short and direct answer: “99% of the very best photographs that you see around you have been edited using masks… and the other 1% were probably shot on film.” If you want to […]