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The Analogue Days Of Photography

by Samar S Jodha The Film Camera:  The Principal was to observe, absorb and then hit the shutter. No carpet bombing /No screen/No instant gratification. Darkroom Printing: No assembly line looking/digital spitting prints cause there was human intervention while printing in the darkroom. The more one mastered the printing process, the better one managed to […]

Photography & The Real Heroes

by Samar S Jodha To me, photography practice is like a pyramid—nothing to do with what is more or less creative. So the way it goes, the most significant amount of professionals are passport, school-student photographers, above sits weddings, then comes travel ones, on top sits commercial & advertising, followed by a lesser number of […]

Olympics and Activism Art

by Samar S Jodha Bhopal-A Silent Picture Two Olympics back, in 2012, London was hosting the summer games, with DOW chemicals as their sponsor, yes, the owners of Union Carbide, the MNC with blood on their hands of thousands in that chemical poisoning. The “all is well” brands are very good at Profits from all […]

How do you define your childhood?

by Samar S Jodha Many creative people are big fans of memoirs, conflict and the marginalised voice. The connect is because, as an artist, one is interested in that mind, the personal experience and the struggles within and outside. Here is a memoir, which I finally got to read. It’s about a young girl growing […]

Analogue Life vs Digital Numbness

by Samar S Jodha As a photographer, I often get asked if I prefer analogue photography or the present digital? There has been a lot of debate among professional photographers about why analogue was better and digital has become more like a carpet-bombing syndrome and hoping the correct image will pop up. But here, I […]