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DPC Annouces kids photography Workshop this summer

Creativity with Camera for Children
Bloom Fields
Announcing the Creativity with Camera for Children workshop. A simple non-technical workshop spread over two days to help children express themselves creatively using simple cameras.


1-Non technical instruction

2-Spread over Sat and Sun

3-Plenty of fun and practicals

4-Selected photos are exhibited at Nicefoto2018 exhibition at India Habitat Center

What is covered

1-Important buttons and functions of camera that we don’t use

2-Using flash creatively

3-Composition and framing

4-Portraiture –solo, couple, group

5-Under and over exposure for cool effects

6-Photography in low light

What do you have to bring


2-Digital camera

3-Charged batteries and a memory card

Other details

Duration: 1.5 hours each day (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur)
Time : 11.00 am to 12.30 pm

Age: Anyone aged between 8 and 14 yrs
Fee: 3500/-

Group: upto 8 (first come first serve basis)

Important: This is not a workshop for children to ace or excel in photography. Pl dont attend or send your child to attend if you want him to ace, excel photography or be the best in the group. DPC endeavors to make photography fun–ONLY!

You can register online @ www.delhiphotographyclub.com/register


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Advanced Composition : Art of Framing and Street Photography


Advanced  Composition : Art of Framing and Street Photography

Launching Brand new Workshop on Composing good Pictures

About Workshop

DPC Presents composition and advanced composition workshop to enable and empower you to click better pictures. This high Quality content is based on the inputs from the Stanford University professor  Mark Levoy’s photography workshop.During the workshop we will be working on composition and various techniques to see pictures and create better pictures

Trust us this is the best photography workshop one can ever attend

Workshop Content and Highlights:

· Rules of Composition and common composition

· Rule of thirds , Rule of odds and other rules.

· Learning good Composition

· Lines as pectoral elements & arrangement of Light

· Light as decorative element

· Shapes , Patterns and repeated Patterns

· Rhythm and Texture

· Lighting and pictorial Design

· Colors and pectoral Design

· Symmetry and asymmetry

· Framing and Dynamic Framing


Workshop USP:

· Classes only on Weekends

· Indoor and Outdoor , hands on workshop

· Outdoor Practical session with instructor

· Assignment for practice at home

· Opportunity to interact with instructors/peers.

· Send your works for review and feedback

· Certificate of participation


Who can join?


Amateurs & Beginners


New camera buyers

Aspiring artists

Home makers and Mothers

Keen on improving photos



Loads of enthusiasm and a DSLR camera or Digital Point n shoot and basics of Photography and know how of the camera


Workshop Fee: Rs 12500

Days : Sat and Sunday

Time : 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

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DPC announces fresh Batch for 6-Month Diploma in Photography

Next level photography Workshop

About the Course and who can join

The 6-months photography course is to develop and nurture the basic and advance understanding of photography to the enrolled participants, how a photograph is made rather then just a click.

The course is developed in DPC with the experience of last 7 years in the field of photography, after meeting and talking with lots of professional, amateurs photographers and people from different walks of life and conducting more then 200+ workshops, 400+ photowalks, 65+ Photo Bus Trips, Over 20 Photography exhibitions and many tea talks.

The course will open and broaden ones mind to the world of photography. And to see the world in a different perspective. The course is mainly focused on street photography and studio techniques.

Street photography is very important and plays a vital role to a photographer. Its develops once mind and body to see to see and show LIFE and CULTURE of a place in a deeper meaning. Street photography not only develop the skill to take images on street but it helps in all kind of photography.

The course is developed in DPC with the experience of last 7 years in the field of photography, after meeting and talking with lots of professional, amateurs photographers and people from different walks of life and conducting more then 160 workshops, 100 photowalks, 60+ photo bus trips, 15 photo exhibitions and many tea talks with Senior mentors.

The 6-month course at DPC is seeking participants who wants to take photography as there profession. The minimum qualification for this course is 12+ PASS or equivalent course. Its an full time course.

Classes will be on weekdays 4 classes every week.


History of photography

Functions of the camera

What is exposure and its use

Difference of film and digital

Composition techniques and its importance

Masters work and how it is important in present photography


How to understand natural light

Techniques of Black and white photography

Techniques of Color Photography

Understanding street photography

Breaking the ice in street photography

In depth knowledge of street photography

Technique of using flash in indoor and out door

How to understand a good photography and selection of photos


Introduction to portrait photography

Lighting technique for portrait

Understand the  studio and its layout

Studio lighting

Portrait in studio

Behavior of flash in studio lighting

Process and develop RAW files

In depth understand of editing software

The difference of digital file and print

Printing photograph and its importance


Business and market of phorograhy

Developing portfolio


Also, wanted to tell you

  • Workshops are conducted in small batches in order to give individual attention
  • Workshops conducted on weekends
  • Experienced faculty to help you learn the basics and go Next Level

Requirements: Any DSLR camera

Batch size: Max 10

Workshop Fee:  Rs 80,000 Plus Taxes

Venue: Building No 5 D, Second Floor, ShahpurJat Village, New Delhi, India


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DPC announces workshop on Post Processing 18th Nov

DPC announces fresh workshop on post processing in Lightroom by V J Sharma
Photography & Post-processing.
AGENDA – (Essentially Library and Develop of Lightroom)
– Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Pro.
– A Digital Dark-Room.
– Understanding why Lightroom is an important Software for a Photographer.
– How it is different from Adobe Photoshop.
– Lightroom Workflow for Photographers who go for various Photo-Shoots of different types.
– Workspace and Setup of Lightroom.
– Do Quality work by saving time – Better Organize your Photo-Shoots.
– Cataloging, Backup and Archiving.
– Basic tools and their use.
– Reading Histogram to decide further processing of Photographs.
– Understanding Editing in ‘Develop Module’ of Adobe Lightroom.
– Adjusting Image Color and Tone.
– Working in Grayscale.
– Retouching and correcting photographs.
– Basics of Correcting Lens Distortions and noise.
– Basics of Export and Slideshow creation.
– Creating Online portfolio.
Workshop fee.        : Rs 3000
For DPC members : Rs 2500
VJ Sharma –
A Software Engineer by the day and a blogger by the night, VJ tries to find photography related opportunities whenever he gets time during weekends or holidays. He hails from Himachal Pradesh, India and have been brought up amidst imposing natural beauty of the Himalayas. A desire to capture this beauty led to an interest in photography. He has since then honed his skills through a professional photography course and intense practice. Apart from Nature photography, he also dabbles in Architecture, Product, and Sports photography.
VJ loves practicing and discussing Digital photography and post processing.
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Members Activity : Portraits in available lighting


Members only Event

Here is brand new Talk Talk on How to click portraits on available light .

Date. : 21st mayl, Sunday
Timings : 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Venue:    Delhi Photography Club Lounge,
                Shahpur Jat Village

A return mail from your side confirming your participation will help us plan better.

History of Portrait photography .
Various genres of portraits
Portraits in available light .
And finally one good portrait photo of Your self.

Details of Workshop

What Portrait photographers or portraiture photographers aim is to focus on the person’s face and many more such details. As long as people have made art there have been portraits. For the first few thousand years at least, portraits, whether drawn, painted or sculpted, were mostly reserved for those deemed important enough to be honoured with a work of art bearing their likeness. The wealthy–mostly royalty and nobility– and important religious and historic figures were the most common subjects.

Feel free to call us for further clarifications on nos. undersigned.



Soon you will be able to hire a wedding photographer who is just out from jail after completing his sentence.

Soon you will be able to hire a wedding photographer who is just out from jail after completing his sentence.

Yes it may sound shocking but it is true. It may not sound like a story from India but yes it is from India. Here we are talking about State of Haryana.


In a first, Haryana Prison launches first Photography Skill Development Center at Central jail, Gurugram, Haryana . These are one of its kind of unique pilot project launched at Gurugram Jail on 19th January by Director General (DG) Haryana Prisons, Sh. Yahspal Singhal & Commissioner of Police (CP) Mr. Sandeep Kishwer .  He further congratulated Virendra Singh Shekhawat, Founder Delhi Photography Club and Monica Dhawan, Director India Vision Foundation for starting this unique training and skill development program for inmates inside the prison.


Skill Development and Employment generation: Project Second Innings

As shared by the founder of Delhi Photography the Project is divided in 3 Phases and spread across 9-12 months.

In the first phase, the inmates will be given basic Knowledge of photography for 3 Months. After this there will be an assessment. Selected inmates will be part of the phase two which will be for 6-9 months. In this Phase, inmates will be sorted according to interest and release dates and they will be provided training on wedding photography and portraiture. In the third and final phase, post release of the inmates Delhi photography Club and India Vision Foundation will help the inmates to set-up photography studio in their respective hometown. During the program there will be separate modules on applying and arranging for funds for Studio set-up and getting ready for the new age business (how to start business) Setting up studio, lead generation and lead conversion as told by Mr Virendra Shekhawat , Founder Delhi Photography Club.


Photography as an art

Be it a painter or a sculptor nature has always been the first inspiration for any artist. Anything that an artist creates is from the inspiration that he gathers from his life and surroundings. All the artists try and bring a part of nature into their art forms. For ages, the inspiration from nature has been evident. From the “Inlay Work” of the Mughal era to the more recent Opera house in Sydney, the inspiration has been flowers. Artist through the years have tried and made nature a part of their lives. It’s been a conscious effort on the part of humans to bring the natural flora and fauna around them into their inspiration and give them their own touch, thereby creating masterpieces of art. Photography tones you down. Photography helps you to live in present.

Why Photography Workshop in Jail?

compressed_DPC IVF banner

Despite having all the resources and funds why cant we integrate the inmates and convicts to mainstream after they have served the sentence quotes Virendra Shekhawat. So we worked on creating a module for skill development and employment generation though our workshops and trainings.

Finally, a step in the direction of skill development program in creative arts.

This unique program is developed by Delhi Photography Club in collaboration with India Vision foundation currently in pilot project at Gurugram Jail, Haryana .



About Delhi Photography Club

Delhi Photography Club was setup with the intent of taking photography homes. The purpose of the DPC is to stimulate, enable, and nurture a fraternity of photography enthusiasts for mutual benefit. Due to fast changing internet and mobile devices space, many more people are consuming photos.  The club is perhaps the first initiative of this kind in the entire country.

The club also helps the underserved children to express themselves creatively through its outreach activities.  As a club, they have brought together businessmen, diplomats, doctors, lawyers, homemakers, students and children   and helped them in their creative expression using a camera.

You can also share your thoughts and suggestions at hi@delhiphotographyclub.com


About India Vision Foundation

India Vision Foundation was born with the receipt of the Ramon Magsaysay Award by Dr Kiran Bedi in the year 1994. The India Vision Foundation began its work inside the prison, by setting up a bread making unit within the Prison, for the welfare of the inmates. The profits earned went to the Prisoner’s Welfare Fund. The India Vision Foundation also set up a Plant Nursery where rare saplings were grown and marketed outside. The proceeds again went to the welfare fund. The Foundation also made a video documentary on the life and reforms in Tihar Jail, with a view to promote the efforts of reformation and generation of community support. Now IVF is instrumental in creating a framework of skill development for inmates and convicts in various jails across country.


DPC Announces Studio Lighting and Fashion Workshop

2017 (2)


Introduction to studio lighting and Fashion Workshop

In this two day workshop on studio lighting we will cover six different types of lighting.

Hi-key and Low Key lighting
Split lighting
loop , Rembrandt and butterfly
3-point lighting
It will also be covering inverse square law of lighting
Product , Food, portrait and Fashion.

First day will be theory followed by hands on practical.

Beginning of the practical will be introduction to studio: Do and Don’ts in studio, features of studio light, maintaining a studio, taking care of studio equipment, Knowing the light stands, soft box.

Key Features of the workshop:
As it will be a detailed workshop on studio lighting, It will mainly emphasize on portraits as one can deeply understand lighting on human figure. But as the workshop contains different types of lighting and it will be the base of all kinds of lighting, so one light any kind of products, food, portrait or fashion after this workshop.

All DPC workshops require you to have loads of enthusiasm.You can have a DSLR and you know how to use your camera features
Who Should attend
Photography Enthusiasts .Students of photography and artStudio ownersPersuing careers in PhotographyWorking photographers who wish to hone their skill and learn from the expert

Workshop Fee
Rs 3000 ( open to all)
Rs 2500 for DPC members

To register www.delhiphotographyclub.com/register or call 8826712162 for more details