Peacock Fight ——– After the breeding season by Sh Vinod Goel

Peacock Fight ——– After the breeding season


Why do they fight is the natural question?. Can they not live in peace and harmony ?

I think they fight for the same reasons as the human fight.

They are also living creatures with emotions ,fear, hopes and dreams.

They fight to defend their territory, mating rights ,their mates and the food resources and of course their dwelling places however temporary they might be.

I have observed a number of birds such as mynas ,doves ,pigeons ,peacocks ,peahens ,house sparrows etc fighting during breeding and non breeding seasons.

Last year the breeding season was over by the month of September and most of the peacocks had moulted all the tail feathers .

I happen to observe a fight between two peacocks on 15th October 2016.The way they fought in the air and on the ground and the poses they gave were remarkable. I am sharing one of them . I am sure you will love it.

Like two wrestlers they fought . One of them slipped while defending the probable attack from the opponent which is still in the air ready to pounce on the rival. Yet another one in the vicinity is observing the fight as if trying to understand the tricks of the trade.

Enjoy the fight as I enjoyed the real fight from the eyes of my camera.”

About the Author

A retired civil servant by profession but a True wildlifer at Heart . Sh Vinod Goel started his journey from the tender age of 11 years, he left his home and parents for schooling in a hostel. Later on as a Civil Servant his job took him to various parts of the country of India. His very first visit to Kanha National Park in Central India in April 2004 ignited the passion for wildlife and has not digressed from that.

During the last 13 years he had been to more than 50 to 60 National parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Initially he visited the wildlife sanctuaries in the States of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. He had been to all the National Parks of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and West Bengal. Out of 50 tiger reserves in the country he has been to more than 20 tiger reserves and photographed tigers in 12 of them. Apart from tigers he has captured unbelievable moments in the wild.

Sh Vinod Goel is widely known in the wildlife community   and his work has been acclaimed globally. In his free time he can be seen capturing the unusual moments of denizens of the wild in various parks and sanctuaries of India. His daughter Nitya Goel Aggarwal and son Bharat Goel are with him in his mission.

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