Interview : Anchal Seth Meet the Real people from the world of Photography

Meet the Real people from the world of Photography

We are featuring people who are hobbyist or professionals photographers and we think they are worth sharing of Delhi Photography Club Fan page .

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Anchal Seth| Photoenthuiast| Fashio Photographer/ Director  (ANX Media PVT. LTD.)

  1. 1. How you started your photography?

I’m a self-taught and a passionate photographer who started to be interested in photography 8 years ago and this is only the interest which I’ve developed along the years. This is the main or the most important passion of my life, considering the maximum time I can dedicate to it, and surely it has changed my way of looking at the world around me, because my eyes now always seem to move trying to go beyond the simple appearances of things in search of their intrinsic beauty and, overall, of my personal way to show it through my photography. Thanks to DPC also for the wonderful experience always.


I worked in corporate for 8 years in a U.S company but decided to leave job and start my own photography venture. I have established my own media and photography firm a year ago and trying to take it into next level in the world of Fashion, Bollywood, lifestyle & weddings, but learning is still on.

  1. 2. What is the role of new technology and medium in photography?

Today the tables have turned as photography has achieved its new standing as most favored medium, a host of technological innovations, especially computer-aided processes for making and manipulating images so easily and in most creative way.


  1. 3. Anything specific that you want to share with people?

Always be creative and you should have that dedication towards this art and this is the best way to see the world around you.


  1. 4. What gives you motivation to go out and click despite having busy schedule and ongoing conditions?

It has always given me motivation for taking pictures in any circumstances. As photography is not only a profession for me it’s still my hobby, my passion and will remain the same and my love and dedication towards this is increasing by the time. And I am still exploring and learning photography.


Write up about Anchal Seth

Anchal was  born and brought up in “City of Nawabs” called Lucknow. He came to Delhi around 10 years back and started my career in KPO industry.  It took him 9 years of passionate hobby photography before I took the decisive step to become a full time photographer.  When people ask him about his background, he answers the same way for many years – that I’m a self-taught photographer.

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