Advanced Composition : Art of Framing and Street Photography

Advanced  Composition : Art of Framing and Street Photography

Launching Brand new Workshop on Composing good Pictures

About Workshop

DPC Presents composition and advanced composition workshop to enable and empower you to click better pictures. This high Quality content is based on the inputs from the Stanford University professor  Mark Levoy’s photography workshop.During the workshop we will be working on composition and various techniques to see pictures and create better pictures

Trust us this is the best photography workshop one can ever attend

Workshop Content and Highlights:

· Rules of Composition and common composition

· Rule of thirds , Rule of odds and other rules.

· Learning good Composition

· Lines as pectoral elements & arrangement of Light

· Light as decorative element

· Shapes , Patterns and repeated Patterns

· Rhythm and Texture

· Lighting and pictorial Design

· Colors and pectoral Design

· Symmetry and asymmetry

· Framing and Dynamic Framing


Workshop USP:

· Classes only on Weekends

· Indoor and Outdoor , hands on workshop

· Outdoor Practical session with instructor

· Assignment for practice at home

· Opportunity to interact with instructors/peers.

· Send your works for review and feedback

· Certificate of participation


Who can join?


Amateurs & Beginners


New camera buyers

Aspiring artists

Home makers and Mothers

Keen on improving photos



Loads of enthusiasm and a DSLR camera or Digital Point n shoot and basics of Photography and know how of the camera


Workshop Fee: Rs 12500

Days : Sat and Sunday

Time : 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm