Qutub Minar is a World Heritage Site and has survived the ravages of time impressively. The Minar of Delhi is surrounded by a lush green garden, which is an ideal leisurely place for visitors. Qutab Minar is the favourite destination of tourists. It is India’s most visited monument attracting around 3.9 million visitors every year. The tall minaret was constructed in 1192 byQutab-ud-din Aibak, and later completed by his successor Iltutmish. The soaring conical tower is an exquisite example of Indo-Islamic Afghan architecture. Each of the 5 storeys and tower of Qutub Minar has unique designs. It was hit by lightening couple of times and was damaged.

Qutab Minar is a great masterpiece of Mughal architecture. The base of the Qutub Minar measures 14.32 meters and the top of the structure measures 2.75 meters. The tower is so high that around 379 steps are needed to be climbed to reach the top. Another taller tower adjacent to Qutub Minar is named Alai Minar which is somewhat tilted in one direction.The verses from the holy Qur’an are carved on sandstone walls of Qutub Minar. This monument serves the purpose of calling people for prayer in the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque. This is a tower of victory, a monument that signify the might of Islam, or a tower for keeping a check for defense.

Other attractions are the Iron Pillar is one of the metallurgical interests of the world. It is a thing to study as well as famous tourist destination. Traditionally people believe that if anyone standing in front of pillar with his back towards the column can encircle it with their arms, all his wishes will be fulfilled.

Simple rules:
In case of more requests for attending than we can accommodate, we encourage first time comers with normal digital cameras.
Please note, if you register and confirm that you will be attending and do not turn up, you have denied someone as enthusiastic as you, a chance of the walk. Therefore, please register and confirm only if you are reasonably certain to make it on the day 🙂
We accept 60 people for the walk (to better manage the logisitcs for the walk leader). 2 days prior to the walk, we send out mails seeking confirmation from those who have been invited for the walk.

Jury Announced for the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest 2019

MOSCOW, Jany 29, Rossiya Segodnya Press Service The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest has announced the members of its international jury for 2019. They include leading photographers and editors of major world publications, as well as photo and news agencies. The following experts will judge competing works this year: James Hill, a British photographer with The New York Times, the second-largest newspaper in the US by circulation; Peter Bitzer, head of the laif photo agency, a leader of the German media market in travel and press photography; Alice Gabriner, international photo editor at Time magazine, one of the most popular weekly magazines in the US; Cho Bo Hee, deputy head of the newsdesk at the Yonhap News Agency, the leading news agency in South Korea; Colombian-American photographer Juan Arredondo, known for his photo series from Southern and Central America devoted to human rights; Sergei Ilnitsky, a Russian photographer who has worked for epa (European Pressphoto Agency) for over 15 years; Alberto Prina, founder and coordinator of the annual Festival della Fotografia Etica in Lodi, Italy.

James Hill, The New Yort Times photographer: “It’s important to remember those photographers who have died in conflict zones and, for me, this contest is a fitting testimony to Andrei Stenin.”

Peter Bitzer, Managing director at laif: “It is the strong aim of the Stenin Contest to support young photojournalists on their way to do their very important job. It’s a great honour and privilege to be part in doing that as a member of the Jury 2019. The world needs strong Photojournalism today!”

Alice Gabriner, Head of photography and international photo editor at TIME: “We live in an era where billions of pictures are taken and shared everyday – which makes it ever more important to highlight, recognize, and pay closer attention to the most important work being produced today. I am particularly eager to see new ways of visual storytelling from the upcoming generation.” 

Alberto Prina,  founder and coordinator of the annual Festival della Fotografia Etica: “Being part of the Stenin contest is a way to give back to the community of photographers. I’m very happy to be able to join the incredible panel of professionals, not only because this is going to be a great opportunity to learn from colleagues, but also because I can make a positive contribution thanks to my experience in photography contests.”

Cho Bo Hee, Deputy department head at the leading Korean news agency Yonhap: “Participating in international press photo contests as a jury member is even more precious and rare chance that does not come often, therefore I accepted the invitation from Rossiya Segodnya to make use of my experience and tacit knowledge as a jury of The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest. I firmly believe that the mission of photo journalist is to report facts by taking photos of a  scene as is, and to conserve them to remain as history. Therefore, this meaningful event will encourage young photo journalists to be courageous and passionate by commemorating Mr. Stenin.”

Sergey Ilnitsky,  Staff photographer for EPA in Moscow: “It is a great honor for me to be invited to the Andrei Stenin Photo Contest as a juror, but at the same time it is a great responsibility. Responsibility for Andrei’s memory and for the profession of a journalist. Courage, professionalism, tact and duty; this understanding why you push this button sacrificing it all to show people these stories; Andrei had it all, and, unfortunately, his talent did not have time enough to fully blossom.

As a juror, I believe my task is to find the same romantic, talented, brave, sensitive people who care about someone else’s problems in their photos; people for whom winning this contest will be a source of support and inspiration as well as a new level of their professional development, a boost to hold up their cameras and walk bravely along the risky road of the profession they have chosen.”

 Juan Arredondo, a Colombian-American documentary photographer: “I hope I can bring a different perspective, one from a Latin Ameican photographer to a world-renowned photo contest. It is also an opportunity for me to be exposed and be marveled by the work of young talented photographers around the world, and how a new generation of photographers is shaping the way stories are being told worldwide. This contest maintains the tradition of Andrei Stenin and the way he approached his stories by recognizing and encouraging emerging photographers to develop their own voice and tell stories that matter.” 

In 2019, participants will compete for prizes in five categories. A new category, Inspiration, was added to the traditional four categories: Top News; Sports; My Planet; Portrait. A Hero of Our Time. The Inspiration category will feature single photos that were inspired by landscapes, colorful genre or ethnic shots, as well as portraits of children and adults showcasing various styles and techniques. In the other categories, contestants can submit one work (a single photograph or a series). Works for the 2019 contest must be submittedbefore February 28 on the website stenincontest.com.

Chinese-speaking participants can now submit their entries to the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest in the Chinese language. They can also find information about the main stages of the contest, such as the application deadline, the date of the short list announcement, the beginning of open online voting, and others in Chinese.

In 2019 the contenders will compete in five categories: the usual four — Top News, Sport, My Planet, and Portrait. A Hero of Our Time — plus a new one, Inspiration. Entries in this new category must be single photographs depicting either the cause or expression of inspiration, such as nature, ethnic or genre photos, and portraits of children and adults shot using various techniques and styles. The contenders can submit one single image and one series entry in the other categories. Entries will be accepted on the contest’s website, stenincontest.com, until February 28, 2019.

The prize money for this year’s first, second and third place winners will be 100,000, 75,000 and 50,000 rubles (approximately $1,500, $1,120 and $750), respectively. The Grand Prix winner will receive 700,000 rubles (approximately $10,470). Another perk of winning is having your work showcased both in Russia and around the world in a travelling exhibition that has become a fixture of the contest and already reached dozens of major cities in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

About the contest:

The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest was launched by Rossiya Segodnya under the aegis of the Russian Commission for UNESCO. Its main goal is to support young photographers and draw public attention to the challenges of modern photojournalism. This contest is a platform for young photographers; talented, empathetic and open-minded, they draw our attention to people and events around us.

In 2019, the international information partners of the contest include Sputnik International Information Agency and Radio, Askanews Information Agency, Independent Media Holding, Notimex News Agency, ANA News Agency, RT channel and website, Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG), China Daily website, PNA news agency, AlYoum AlSabee newspaper and website, The Paper website, and Al Mayadeen media network, Renminwang website. The industry partners supporting the contest are the Russian Photo and Photo-study.ru websites, School of Visual Arts, Academy of Photography, the YOung JOurnalists information portal, the Contrastes magazine, the Fotoargenta magazine, the All About Photo website, Cuartoscuro magazine, Delhi Photography Club and PhotON festival as an international partner.


Post your entries at.  www.stenincontest.com



Call for Entries: Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest

The International Press Photo Contest named after Andrei Stenin, a Rossiya Segodnya photojournalist who died in the line of duty in southeastern Ukraine, began accepting submissions for its fifth year — the start date always falls on Stenin’s birthday, December 22. Entries from young photographers aged 18 to 33 will be accepted on the contest’s website, stenincontest.com, until February 28, 2019.

The Stenin Contest is the only competition in Russia that discovers new names in international photojournalism and develops standards of quality for documentary photography. The contest is aimed at supporting young photojournalists and helping them on the world photojournalism stage.

In 2019, five years since the contest was established, the contenders will compete in five categories: the usual four —Top News, Sport, My Planet, and Portrait. A Hero of Our Time — plus a new one, Inspiration. Entries in this new category must be single photographs depicting either the cause or expression of inspiration, such as nature, ethnic or genre photos, and portraits of children and adults shot using various techniques and styles. The contenders can submit one single image and one series entry in every category.

The prize money for this year’s first, second and third place winners will be 100,000, 75,000 and 50,000 rubles (approximately $1,500, $1,120 and $750), respectively. The Grand Prix winner will receive 700,000 rubles (approximately $10,470). Another perk of winning is having your work showcased both in Russia and around the world in a travelling exhibition that has become a fixture of the contest and already reached dozens of major cities in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

“The Andrei Stenin Contest is expanding its presence on the global stage of photojournalism. Our finalists say that young photographers who want to improve their skills see the contest as a must. There are few countries from which we have not received any interesting entries yet. We invite young photojournalists from around the world to take part in the 2019 contest and wish them all the best,” contest curator Oksana Oleinik, head of the Visual Projects Service of the Rossiya Segodnya United Photo Information Directorate, said.

In 2018, the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contestwas supported by major Russian and international media outlets, news agencies and the photography community. Partners in several categories included the Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG), the Al Mayadeen TV pan-Arabic news network and the International Committee of the Red Cross, one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations. 

About the contest:

The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest was launched by Rossiya Segodnya under the aegis of the Russian Commission for UNESCO. Its main goal is to support young photographers and draw public attention to the challenges of modern photojournalism. This contest is a platform for young photographers; talented, empathetic and open-minded, they draw our attention to people and events around us.
In 2018, the contest jury included representatives from the world’s leading news agencies: AFP (France), Anadolu Ajansi (Turkey), Notimex (Mexico), as well as world-class photographers and editors. The jury was chaired by Ahmet Sel, who is Visual News Editor in Chief for Anadolu Agency (Turkey).

Post your entries at.  www.stenincontest.com



DPC announces Beginners Photography workshop which is also signature product of DPC on weekdays now.

Workshop alert-2

Course details: Beginners Photography Workshop

Workshop Highlight

Classes only on weekdays.
Know your camera and what it can do for you
Use different lighting situations to create drama in photos
Learn principles of composition and framing
Know why some pictures are more appealing than others
What and how do you click pictures to create the ‘WOW’ effect!

Functions covered–exposure (over & under), flash, white balance, depth of field, ISO

Workshop Benefits
Smaller batch size to ensure individual interaction and attention
Opportunity to interact with instructors/peers for as long as you want

You can also send your works for review and feedback even after the workshop is over

Certificate of participation
Your photos become eligible for showcasing in the club events

Profile of previous participants
Previous participants of these workshops have been college students, working professionals, home makers, and between 11 years to 45 years of age.

Loads of enthusiasm and any digital camera 🙂

Workshop Fee : INR 6000


DPC Announces Brand new workshop on taking your photos to next level.

Art of Visual Story Telling 

Read the stats and know how you can help at www.reallygreatsite.com-2

Now that you’ve got a handle on your DSLR settings, it’s time to take your photography to the next level! Skilled photographer at Delhi Photography Club  will teach you pro tips of Photo Stories and photo essay .and lightroom  tricks. Dive into unique and more complex shooting techniques and methods to get the most out of your DSLR camera. You’ll learn about capturing more dynamic images, try out new concepts, and practice some post-production tricks to get the image you want. If you have a laptop with Photoshop installed, bring it along. If not, we’ll provide plenty of paper and pens for note taking!


Workshop Content and Highlights:

Understanding and creating the concepts .

How to Research

Photo stories

Photo Essays

Tricks and tips for light and speed trails ,Star trails

Editing tools more effectively and efficiently on Lightroom.


Workshop USP:

· Classes only on Weekdays 

· Indoor and Outdoor , hands on workshop

· Outdoor Practical session with instructor

· Assignment for practice at home

· Opportunity to interact with instructors/peers.

· Send your works for review and feedback

· Certificate of participation


Who can join this workshop?


Amateurs & Beginners


Aspiring artists

Home makers and Mothers

Keen on improving photos



Loads of enthusiasm and a DSLR camera or Digital Point n shoot and basics of Photography and know how of the camera


Workshop Fee: Rs 12000

Days : Wed , Thursday, Friday

Date : 09 Jan to 01 st Feb

Time : 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm

12 classes of 2.30 hours each.

Please note , in this class we will not be talking about basics of camera and exposure .