Results of Andre Stenin Contest 2020 are out

Дым горящих пастбищ. Урожай беды

Луис Тато

Grazing smoke, harvesting fear

Luis Tato


Искаженные горизонты

Йунес Хани Сомех Софлаи


Distorted horizons

Younes Hani Someeh Soflaei


Бокситовый рудник  –  источник алюминия

Кевин Краутгартнер


The face of bauxite mining – the source of our aluminum

Kevin Krautgartner


Старообрядцы несут крест, чтобы установить его на месте скитов

Федор Телков


Old Believers carry a cross to erect it on the site of the hermitages

Fyodor Telkov


Час синевы

Балаз Бели


Blue hour

Balazs Beli


Жизнь на краю

Сумит Саньял


Living on the edge

Sumit Sanyal


Круг жизни

Шон Cтейнингер


Circle of lIfe

Sean Steininger


Розовый фестиваль

Шубхам Котавале


Pink festival

Shubham Kothavale


Рыбалка на Джамуне

Абдул Момин


Fishing at Jamuna

Abdul Momin


«Кватрани». Дети землетрясения

Данило Гарсия Ди Мео



Danilo Garcia Di Meo


Поклонницы цвета

Шива Хадеми


The Smarties

Shiva Khademi


Многоликий народ бухурупи

Сантану Дей


Bahurupi – people with many faces

Santanu Dey


Пещера Гилиндире. На одном дыхании

Шебнем Кошкун


Gilindire Cave – single breath

Sebnem Coskun


Теракт в отеле DusitD2

Луис Тато


DusitD2 terror attack

Luis Tato


Эбола: Демократическая Республика Конго

Джон Весселс


Ebola – Democratic Republic of the Congo

John Wessels

South Africa

Не время для безгрешности

Бруно Тевенин 


Absent innocence

Bruno Thevenin


Interview of Harish Tyagi : EPA and Jury Andre Stenin Contest 2020

 If the image is strong enough and connects emotionally with the viewer,   you have succeded as a photographer

Chief photographer (Indian sub-continent) for the European Press Photo Agency (EPA)

Q. The outcome of every contest depends on the experts judging it. But jurors are just human beings with their subjective views and professional likes and dislikes. What could help you keep an open mind and avoid current influences/trends/clichés? 

A. The digital world has had an overhauling impact on photography – the way it is shot, edited, viewed and transmitted. It has reduced the time lag between an event and the point where the photograph is seen by the end viewer. As for profession and passion – if you want to feel rooted to your work and enjoy it  cannot be done without passion.

Photojournalism mostly involve human interest stories. From disasters to famines to current affairs and daily life the gamut of the medium rotates around the person on the street and the public at large.

It is very important for a photographer or if your are a Jury member,  to connect with viewers or photo enthusiasts emotionally.

The more work experience you have better you connect with the images, for example,  if a Jury  looking and trying to form a conclusion on  the set of images on the earthquake and a Jury member himself or herself being in that same situation in the past, will surely help the Jury member to gain a better understanding about the photographer’s effort he or she put in taking the picture.

For me if the image is strong enough and connects emotionally with the viewer or jury,   you have succeded as a photographer and you deserve to be a winner.

Q. Since its invention, photography has been positioned as an independent art form that doesn’t need any additional formats to explain the themes or subjects in the image.  However, today photographers make use of a multitude of other formats to express their meaning more clearly. Many photo projects are based on multimedia formats. Is the art of photography driving itself into a corner by abandoning the purity of the genre, which is a direct dialogue between the image and the viewer?

A.Well, there is no comparison between the social media ( that include every platform that photographers are using to reach their followers )  and mainstream media as mainstream media still holds credibility and helps the masses to shape their thoughts. In my opinion any social media can be a good platform to advertise your work and to interact with your followers but surely it is not very reliable unless you know the photographer personally or understand the background of his work.

Multimedia and other formats can help for the overall understanding for your photographic project but there is a risk element in that if you have other stuff more then the visuals. The risk of  only being impressive but not being expressive enough.

Indeed “A picture is Worth a Thousand Words” today as anytime before. Even bloggers need photographs to weave their story. The two complement each other. The impact of a photograph actually gives the story mileage than the other way round.

Q. What can make you exclaim about a photo: “Well done!”?
 A. When I  work or look into on a long projects I like to spend some researching and reading about the subject. I feel the more indepth knowledge one  should have about subject the better the depth with which one can portray in it. Ultimately photographs have to speak for themselves and retain a timeless appeal.

Like I said before For me if the image is strong enough and connects emotionally with the viewer or jury,   you have succeded as a photographer and you deserve to be a winner.

DPC Presents Delhi During the Lockdown – Part II

DPC presents amazing photos of Lockdown in various parts of Delhi: Photo Story

Beautiful moment , Delhi during lockdown 🔐 Part II

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DPC Presents Delhi During the Lockdown

DPC presents amazing photos of Lockdown in various parts of Delhi: Photo Story

Beautiful moment , Delhi during lockdown 🔐

#Stayhomestaysafe #quarantine #delhi #beautifuldelhi #dillimerijaan#dilliterepyarmein #dfordelhi #sodelhi #dillitereishqmein #dpcworkshops#dpcphotobus #dpcphotowalks #travelgoals #iamdpc#delhiphotographyclub #photographyworkshops #photowalk #photobus#phototrips #travel #photography #photographers #travelblog#travelvlog #travelphotography #travelblogger #travelvlogger#photographylover #lockdown2020 #lockdown

DPC Ladakh Trip 2020

DPC announces most awaited Photo trip of the year : Photo Bus to Ladakh.

A truly unforgettable experience to capture the most beautiful landscapes, monasteries, people. 

So please find a detailed itinerary for the photo capture trip. 

Date of Journey:  12th June to 22nd June

Meeting Place: IIT Delhi, main gate 

Timings: 4.30 pm (pls be there 20 mins prior to departure)

Itinerary for the Leh Trip September 2020

12th June   : DAY 0: Delhi to Jammu/Srinagar

13th June   : DAY 1: Srinagar (stay in Hotel)

14th June   : DAY 2: Srinagar  to Kargil Nigh halt at Kargil

15th June   : DAY 3: Kargil to Leh

16th June   : Day 4: Acclimatization at Leh(Visit Shanti Stupa & Leh Palace)

17th June   : DAY 5: Nubra valley.   Diskit Monastery

18th June   : DAY 6: Nubra valley to Pangong Tso to Leh via seyok river

19th June   : DAY 7: Pangong Tso to Leh Via Chendmay Monastery

20th June   : DAY 8: Start Back from Leh to Keylong via Sarchu and Night Halt

21st June    : DAY 9: Keylong to Rohtang Pass Manali  to Delhi

22nd June    :DAY 10: Delhi by 10 AM.

Other Important Details

Stay: will be on twin sharing basis in a home stay environment.

Mode of travel: We will be travelling in AC TEMPO traveller together.

Gear: You can carry tripods and wide angle lenses for cameras. Any camera is good for this trip so long as it digital. For yourself, please carry wollen cloths, comfortable shoes, take hats/caps, shades and sunscreen!

Fee (per person): Rs.36,000/- (including registration fee)

For Members.     : Rs. 33,000/- 

Fee includes travel & group transfers, stay and meals 

Does not include tickets for camera and equipment if any)

Please carry the rest of the amount with you (only cash) 🙂 ,(please ignore if paid already)You can also pay the remaining amount at our club in Shahpur Jat Village. 

Please carry your ID cards along, its mandatory.

For further clarifications feel free to call Virendra – 08826712162